Don't Take Our Word For It. Hear What Our Clients Say.

Here are some of the amazing words that past and present clients have had to say about working with me in various roles.

facebook ads + data

"Rose is our go to expert who knows all the tricks"

My community of Ad Managers are even sharper because of Rose's expertise. If there is ever a tech issue with their client's set up or navigating the iOS updates, Rose is our go to expert who knows all tricks and explains the work arounds in an easy to understand way. She is truly a gem who loves to over deliver!

jody milward, social charlie

facebook + pinterest ads

"There's no two ways about it: Rose is a technical genius"

I've crossed paths with Rose in both the Pinterest Ads space and the Facebook Ads space and there's no two ways about it: She's a technical genius. I'm pretty techie myself, but when super-technical processes aren't working right in my Facebook ads agency, Rose nearly always knows how to fix it. She knows the back end of so many platforms, including some of the most complicated ones to master, like Facebook & Pinterest Ads Manager. She can conjure up a solution (or at the very least, an explanation) for almost any technical glitch I'm encountering and I always trust her answers.

karen nelson, karen nelson digital

facebook ads, tech, and tracking

"Rose is next level"

Rose is next level when it comes to tech, tracking and all things web dev. She has been an amazing resource as we (ad managers) have had to navigate the new world of iOS 14. Rose explains things so clearly and really breaks things down in a step-by-step way so that the average person can understand what needs to be done and how.

laura ball, facebook ad strategist

automations + funnel tech

"I haven't been able to stump her yet with a tech or automation question"

Rose is one of the most knowledgable, helpful people I know when it comes to online business. Seriously, I haven't been able to stump her yet with a tech or automation question – and I am something of a tech and automation boss myself. She is incredibly skilled and experienced with tech, automation, marketing and integrations and my go-to when I've hit a wall. Get Rose's help and be DONE.

dama jue, thrivecart template shop

digital marketing + ads strategy

"I have found her advice clear and easy to implement"

Rose is a brilliant Digital Marketer, who has a wealth of knowledge, with focus on Facebook and Pinterest Advertising. I have found her advice clear and easy to implement. I highly recommend Rose to anyone who is looking for a passionate, results focused Digital Marketer specialising in Facebook and Pinterest Ads.

loredana baranga, marketology


"100% recommend Rose"

Rose has been a dream to work with! Not only does her technical expertise span across all the different platforms/systems that an online business owner might need to use, but she breaks it down in really simple terms, making it easy for me to follow along.

100% recommend Rose for not only her technical expertise but her generous and kind spirit!

katie spellman, revel and grow

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